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Embark on your yoga journey with our exclusive package offering a private, one-on-one online session tailored to your needs. With meticulous attention to detail, this package ensures a personalized experience, allowing you to focus on your progress and pay only for the session you choose.

Our most popular package is the Monthly Private Sessions, featuring 3 1:1 online sessions per week for a total of 12 sessions per month. Begin your personalized yoga journey, tailored to your specific needs, and enjoy the convenience of online classes. Reserve your spot with our recurring monthly payment option.

We offer a monthly group yoga package where you can attend any or all of our online sessions. With a recurring monthly payment, it's the preferred choice for those seeking a convenient and flexible way to join group sessions from the comfort of their own space at any time of the day.

Our yoga package offers the flexibility of monthly group sessions, allowing you to attend any or all of our invigorating group yoga classes. Additionally, you'll receive the benefit of 4 private sessions for personalized guidance. Enjoy the convenience of online sessions with recurring monthly payments.

Know Your Teachers

Prajakta Sarvaiya (Pawar) and Nikit Pawar, two renowned teachers in India, have served as inspirations for countless individuals, guiding them on their path to embracing Yoga, Meditation, and Healthy Diet Plans. Their unwavering dedication has impacted the lives of thousands as they have extended their support through various avenues, such as Nutrition Counselling, Yoga Classes tailored for diverse age groups encompassing Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation practices. 

Additionally, they specialize in Pregnancy Yoga, offering both Prenatal and Postnatal sessions, while also conducting Corporate Yoga training, Health workshops, Personal Yoga training, and Online Yoga Classes. Furthermore, their expertise extends to organizing Healthy cooking workshops, making a comprehensive contribution to promoting a balanced lifestyle.

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