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Unsure about how our Yoga sessions are designed, experience the transformative power of yoga with Yogahara in our one-on-one online session at a minimal cost to discover the joy of mindful movement and inner peace and to know more about our services. Get personalized guidance from our skilled instructors and embark on a yoga journey from the comfort of your home. Reserve your spot now on our website and start your yoga experience with Yogahara today!

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"All I can say about YogAhara is Slow & Steady ( doing Yoga regularly), wins the race (in achieving weight loss/flexibility) I am with YogAhara since 10 months now and I am experiencing increase in flexibility. I am working toward weight loss and very happy with the guidance of Nikit & Prajakta. You both are fabulous. Thank you so much."

Supriya, YogAhara Student

"Thank You so much Prajakta & Nikit. This session was really an eye opener. The Anushasana to wake up early helped me a lot. It keeps me on entire day. It has solved half of my problems. Looking at your smiling faces we all get revitalized."

Casandra, YogAhara Student

"I had to deal with body stiffness post pregnancy which prohibited my daily routines and made me feel negative. I felt well guided and supported. It has increased my physical strength, stamina and stabilized hormonal imbalance. Starting my day with yoga is part of my DNA now which gives me access to healthier and happier life."

Siddhi, YogAhara Student

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Nurture your well-being holistically, excelling physically and mentally.

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Pregnancy

  • Holistic Preparation for Pregnancy and Easy Labour: Asanas, Mudras, Pranayamas, and Kriyas 
  • Garbhasankar: Meditations, Chantings, and Nutrition for Healthy Baby Growth 
  • Comprehensive Postnatal Yoga: Supporting Mother's Health and Baby's Well-being

Health & Nutrition For Young & Adults

  • Healthy Eating Habits and Customized Diet Plans for Optimal Nutrition
  • Dinacharya: Ayurvedic Expert and Nutritionist Guidance for Your Personalized Daily Routine
  • Nourish Well: Easy Recipes, and Healthy Cooking Workshops for Making the Right Food Choices

Nutrition Counselling

Discover a comprehensive wellness program with valuable services to support your health journey. Attend webinars led by experts for insights on nutrition, diet, and overall well-being. Our team creates customized diet plans to meet your unique needs and goals, ensuring optimal nutrition for a healthier lifestyle. Address specific health conditions with our therapeutic diet plans, offering targeted dietary recommendations. Take control of your health today through our webinars and personalized diet plans.

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