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About Our Founders

Prajakta Sarvaiya (Pawar) & Nikit Pawar have been role models for many in India who have helped thousands in embarking their journey into Yoga, Meditation and Healthy Diet Plans. This duo has been working tirelessly by providing Nutrition Counselling, Yoga Classes for different age groups (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation), Pregnancy Yoga (Prenatal & Post Natal), Corporate Yoga training, Health workshops, Personal Yoga training & Online Yoga Classes, Healthy cooking workshops.

Prajakta Sarvaiya

Prajakta Sarvaiya (Pawar), a Food Science & Nutrition postgraduate, obtained her Advanced Yoga Teacher’s Training from the Sri Sri School of Yoga in Bangalore. She dedicated seven years to practicing yoga with the Art of Living organization, which had a transformative impact on her health due to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Through regular yoga practice and adopting proper eating habits without relying on allopathic medicines, she successfully overcame challenges such as PCOS and migraines, leading to physical and mental well-being.

These experiences inspired her to delve deeper into the subject and share her knowledge with the world. Today, she is a nutrition expert who dispels the myth that dieting is solely about eating less, emphasizing the importance of balancing nutrients to achieve optimal nourishment. Prajakta stresses that by incorporating regular yoga practice and a well-balanced diet plan, remarkable levels of health can be attained within a few months. She has also specialized in Physical Management & Weight Loss and is a certified Pregnancy Yoga trainer. Prajakta’s gentle approach makes yoga accessible for individuals of all backgrounds, enabling them to seamlessly incorporate it into their daily routines.

Nikit Pawar

Nikit Pawar, formerly an Engineer in the Instrumentation industry for nine years, embarked on a transformative journey when he transitioned to becoming a Yoga instructor. Having experienced the challenges and fluctuations of corporate life, he found solace in practicing Yoga techniques, which had a profound impact on his professional and personal life. Through the practice of Yoga, he gained a sense of calmness and relaxation, effectively managing his workload while noticing improvements in work efficiency, stress levels, and emotional balance.

Motivated by these positive changes, Nikit made the decision to become a full-time Yoga trainer, aiming to share the beauty of Yoga with individuals who lead busy and hectic lives. He pursued advanced Yoga Teachers training at Ekam Yoga School in Rishikesh, resulting in a complete transformation of his lifestyle. In light of the challenging times during the COVID pandemic, he began teaching simple desk-based stress-relief techniques to employees in various corporations, offering them a much-needed respite. At YogAhara, Nikit is dedicated to making Yoga accessible and approachable to people worldwide. His passion lies in spreading the teachings of Yoga to an ever-expanding audience.