- About Us -

YogAhara was founded in 2017, a Wellness Centre which has taught Yoga & guided for lifestyle enhancement to thousands of people giving them amazing results to achieve ultimate levels of health.

Mission Statement

Transcending & blossoming individual’s life with Yoga & Diet. We aim to create Happy & Healthy Societies through Yoga & Nutrition practices.

Why YogAhara?

1. Discover enjoyable and efficient yoga practices that promote gentle movement.

2. Yoga is inclusive, welcoming individuals of all ages and body types without any constraints.

3. Instead of crash diets or trendy eating plans, yogAhara emphasizes a yogic diet consisting of balanced and personalized food portions.

4. Cultivate personal growth and enhance your character through yoga practices.

5. Experience YogAhara as a pathway to a joyful and wholesome life.

Vision and Strategy

1. Bringing joy and happiness to the community

2. Enhancing societal well-being through yoga and nutrition

3. Providing a platform for personal and youth growth and development

4. Encouraging and nurturing individual creativity

5. Fostering holistic growth encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual

6. Facilitating the transformation from a stressful life to a life free from stress

Services Provided:

1. Guidance on nutrition

2. Yoga sessions tailored for various age ranges, including practices like asanas, pranayama, and meditation

3. Specialized yoga classes for expectant mothers before and after childbirth (Pre Natal & Post Natal)

4. Yoga training programs for corporate settings

5. Workshops focused on health-related topics

6. Personalized yoga training and online classes

7. Workshops on cooking healthy meals